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Our sledges are agile and can make cut turns with a lot of lateral support, like a carving ski. With the old and rigid sledges you slide around the corner without having fun, because the skids are not angled.

We have won the ISPO-Munich-Award 2022 for our innovative and patented Brake-Steer-System. All our sledges can be ordered with or without the system.

The company Bachmann has been building innovative and high-quality luges for free time luger but especially for sports lugers since 1983.

The organisation was founded by the luge athlete and two-time European champion for natural tracks Otto Bachmann. After a transition period, the luges and sledges are developed and manufactured in the middle of the Italian Alps on the high plateau of Ritten (near Bozen) since 2020. Our product range includes not only traditional sledges made of wood, but also made of modern and high-quality materials, which increase the longevity and functionality of the sledges.

As an innovative company, we are constantly developing our sleds. We also offer our customers comprehensive after-sales service.

Please contact us at: T +39 0471 1727177 or

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Innovative braking system for the sledge: "Brake Steer System":

  • Helps to slow down the sledge quickly and safely, especially on icy surfaces.
  • It is intuitive and safe to use in order to be able to control the speed in every situation.
  • The sledge can be steered or braked by simply pulling the control cable.
  • High quality and modern system made of stainless steel.
  • Winner of the ISPO-Munich Award in 2022.


  • laminated skids

Our skids are made of hardwood layers of 2mm thickness. The production process is labor-intensive and cost-intensive, but this makes the skids extremely stable and free of warpage for decades.

  • use of high quality materials

The qualitative materials guarantee high stability and safety of our sledges.


  • skid inclination

This improves the lateral guidance, especially on icy surfaces.

  • optimal pressure point on the snow

Smaller contact surface of the skids and less friction -> better sliding properties and higher speeds.

  • Less rotation resistance -> maximum maneuverability of the sledge



We only use wood from the region. All other components of our products also come from the region arround the Dolomites and are processed on site. This enables short and sustainable supply chains.

Waste is recycled and reused.


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We bring your branding to our high-quality sledges and design our seats individually for you.

Please contact us at:

T +39 0471 1727177


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